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Real Quality

We do not talk about quality, we demonstrate it, we provide products that technically meet the highest standards.

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We generate initiatives to reduce environmental impact, promoting a sustainable industry.

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Technical closeness

We are close to our customers, advising them so that they have the best shopping experience for their products.

Our products

+ 15 years manufacturing and marketing high quality metal alloys under a circular approach.

Aluminum industrial surplus

Final disposal certificates for usable materials

Alumeals is the first company classified as a green and sustainable business by the Car Cundinamarca.
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Green Business - version 2.1.9 (
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Our brand

We promote the growth of our employees and the industry
We are circular Alumetales

We are circular

We seek to take advantage of material resources to increase the life cycle of products, in order to achieve sustainable operations, within a circular economy framework.

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Professional team

Our collaborators They are the most valuable, they are dedicated, professional people, always giving their best.

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Smart services

We have customer service channels available 24/7 through WhatsApp business, LinkedIn and other digital media, on your devices to facilitate communications and purchases.

Extraordinary Support Alumetales

Extraordinary Support

We strive to provide the necessary technical advice, to facilitate the use of our products, so that you get the best performance.



Because we always have new challenges to meet, ALUMETALES not only provides us with products, but also always provides us with a comprehensive solution and excellent support.


Our success is not only measured by our profits, but by the impact we have in the markets where we are present. ALUMETALES is part of this success, through excellent quality products, expert technical knowledge carried out by talented professionals.


ALUMETALES is not just a service provider for us, it is a complete partner, capable of supporting our growth by supplying high-quality and particularly innovative products.


At ALUMETALES we found the solution we were looking for, led by the hand of true connoisseurs of Aluminum and non-ferrous alloys, who are capable of accompanying us. Thanks to them we have significantly improved the quality of our products.

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Our Numbers

Impacts on the circular economy

We take advantage of the unique properties of aluminum to offer sustainable solutions to our customers, by maintaining a high level of recycled metal inputs throughout our product portfolio, among other initiatives. A competitive differentiator and a key component of our sustainability strategy.


2 kg/year

Recycled material


Ton CO2 x year

Carbon Footprint Reduction


mts2 x year

Recycled water

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